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Welcome [alternative] music fans! This humble music site/blog attempts to showcase the best in new alternative music.

So if you like rock, alternative, punk, indie, metal (and all genres in between and beyond), you might bookmark the site and check back often.

Check out the features of the site below and if you find something you like, I’d love to hear from you or share it with your fellow music fans.

Who the heck am I?

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Where to find new music on the site

Featured 5 >

The best 5 singles released on New Music Friday. Posted to the site on Fridays

Song of the Week >

The standout song of the week. Posted to the site on Saturdays

Week in Review >

A comprehensive review of all the best new singles, albums, and videos released for a given week. Posted to the site on Sundays

New Music Playlists >

Bypass all the reading and visuals and just listen to the best new music in your Spotify player

So you like videos, huh?

New Music Videos >

A constantly updated playlist of the best new music videos to hit the web

New Live Videos >

A constantly updated playlist of the best new live performances (on Fallon, Kimmel, Conan, etc.)

But if that wasn’t enough cool stuff

Best Song in the World >

A song is deemed so, until another one comes along to dethrone it

Lists >

Join in on the bashing (or praising) of my Lists

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