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Song of the Week: Foo Fighters “Run”

Up against stiff competition, this new Foo Fighters single stands out from the rest this week

Song of the Week

There was a lot of good music released this week. In fact, when I turned on my Spotify Friday morning to see what had been released, I saw new music from all these amazing artists: Radiohead, Phoenix, Arcade Fire, Lorde, and Rise Against. All the new singles from those artists are real good, but this new Foo Fighters song really stood out from the rest this week, thus nabbing the Song of the Week honor. A fun video to boot, this song is sure to go straight to the top of the alternative rock charts, as most Foo Fighters singles tend to do.

“Run” is assumed to be the lead single off the Foo’s upcoming 9th studio album but this has not been confirmed. The single was a surprise release. There have only been vague reports that the band is even recording new material. Talk about surprise & delight!

How much do you love this new Foo Fighters track? Sound off in the comments section. And if you don’t care for the song, vote for your #SongoftheWeek to Instagram or Twitter. It helps spread the word!

Before the time runs out
There’s somewhere to run
Wake up
Run for your life with me
Wake up
Run for your life with me

In another perfect life
In another perfect light
We run
We run
We run

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