Lunchmoney Lewis ‘Bills’ – The Song of the Week for March 30, 2015

“Bills” is a 2015 single from Lunchmoney Lewis released by Kemosabe Records

It is pretty rare a song comes along like “Bills” that so easy crosses genres to where it almost becomes ‘genre-less’ if you will because just about everyone can dig it. The last two songs to do this successfully? “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele and “Hey Ya” by Outkast. I don’t know a thing about this guy – he doesn’t even have a WikiPedia page. If you all know about him, please put some info in a comment. Have a great week.

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Joywave ‘Somebody New’ – The Song of the Week for March 23, 2015

“Somebody New” is a 2015 single by Joywave off their 2014 EP entitled How Do You Feel? and their 2015 album How Do You Feel Now?

With this signature look and key collaborations, Daniel Armbruster has his main band Joywave primed and ready for a huge 2015. “Somebody New” is perhaps the best single they have released in their young career while the collaboration with Big Data for the hit song “Dangerous” is the most high profile. Watch the official video for “Somebody New” above and a recent live performance of the song on Jimmy Kimmel below.

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