Week of 9/4/2017 In Review

A lot of great new music got released this week, especially singles. If you are a fan of new music, Friday was your kind of day!

Here are several things that caught my eyes and ears this week. What did I miss?

  • Up against stiff competition this week, #MTSongoftheWeek honors go to the new Used song “Over and Over Again”. Full post with commentary will be posted to the site tomorrow morning as always
  • I really liked the new Prophets of Rage song “Strength in Numbers”. This is the 4th (original) song released by the band in preview of the upcoming debut album
  • Primus released the 2nd single off of upcoming new album. Check out the funky song “The Scheme”
  • Foo Fighters dish 3rd single “The Line” off upcoming new album. All three of these singles have been…interesting
  • Indie rockers J Roddy Walston and the Business delivered “Numbers” as they once again try and drum up interest for their upcoming new album
  • Must hear album: Outrage! Is Now by Death From Above 1979. The duo blends Black Sabbath, White Stripes, Wolfmother, and their own sound on a super solid effort
  • Trending upward: the band Nothing But Thieves and their new album Broken Machine
  • In-studio video performance by Mastodon of their new single “Toes To Toes”
  • Industrial/electronic rock outfit Powerman 5000 return with new single and video “Sid Vicious In a Dress”
  • Steel Panther releases hilarious video for “Wasted Too Much Time” featuring Stone Sour. They never disappoint!

For more new singles and videos released this week visit the recommended page.

Song of the Week: New Mastodon single “Toes To Toes” off upcoming new EP

On the heels of their spectacular album Emperor of Sand released earlier this year, Mastodon is readying a late-September release of an EP entitled Cold Dark Place. The first glimpse of this EP is the single “Toes To Toes” featuring majority of vocals from guitarist Brent Hinds. This track was recorded during the Emperor of Sand sessions while the other three tracks were recorded during the 2014 Once More ‘Round the Sun sessions.

A good watch is this video for the story behind the cover art.

Catch the band on tour in the US through October before they head to Europe in November and December.

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Week of 8/28/2017 In Review

I didn’t watch MTV’s Video Music Awards this week but I was happy to hear Kendrick Lamar won the big award and staying true to his persona, gave a ‘humble’ speech. I caught some of the perfomances on Youtube but nothing really blew me away. The Katy Perry performance was weird. Waaaay too much basketball imagery, HA. Here is what I did catch that I think is worth noting >

  • Hard rockers Mastodon gave us the first glimpse of an EP being released in September. Check out “Toes To Toes”
  • Robert Plant released second single “Bones of Saints” off upcoming new solo album
  • Death From Above 1979 dished 3rd single off upcoming new album. I think “Holy Books” is the best of these singles so far. That intro riff is gold. Bummer its only paid in the intro.
  • Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift’s new gimmick is pretty interesting and, so far, very entertaining. She released a video for her new single “Look What You Made Me Do”
  • Kendrick Lamar performed a medley of hit singles at the VMAs
  • And last but not least, the new Foo Figthers single “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” was given #MTSongoftheWeek honors on the site this week.