Song of the Week: 2nd single off upcoming Relaxer album “In Cold Blood” by Alt-J

“In Cold Blood” was released on 3/29/2017 via Atlantic records as the 2nd single off of Relaxer, the 3rd studio album by Alt-J

If you are already a fan of the band and were thrown off course a bit by the “3WW” single, “In Cold Blood” should restore your faith in the new album Relaxer, due out 6/2/2017 via Atlantic. To me, “In Cold Blood” is a bit like what “Left Hand Free” was to their last album. They released an interesting lead single in “Hunger of the Pine” and then “Left Hand Free” came next and really sparked intrigue for the rest of the album. It is widely considered their 2nd most popular song behind “Breezeblocks”.

It remains to be seen if the band can ever top their masterpiece of a first album, An Awesome Wave.

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Crying zeros and I’m nearing 111
Cut my somersaults and my backflip
Pool, summer, summer, pool, pool summer
Kiss me
Hair the way the sun really wants it to be
Whiskey soda, please, your G&T is empty
Dips, inflatables have sunk to the bottom
Pool, summer, summer, pool, pool summer
Kiss me

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New Music Friday: The Featured 5 alternative music singles released on Friday 3/31/2017

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  • Alt-J delivers strong second single “In Cold Blood”, which probably should have been the first
  • Indie pop mastermind Bleachers returns with lead single “Don’t Take The Money” off upcoming sophomore album
  • Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys revives solo career with infectious new single “Shine On Me”
  • Broken Social Scene return from 7 year hiatus with “Halfway Home”
  • Sir Sly drops “High” the lead single off upcoming new album

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