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Top 15 Underrated Blindside Songs

After posting my interpretation of Blindside’s 20 Best Songs, I felt that I had to go a bit further because there are so many great songs in their discography that had to be left off that list. Its too bad only 20 songs can fit in a top 20 list! This Top 15 Underrated Blindside Songs list showcases Blindside songs that were not singles,… Read More

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Top 20 Blindside Songs

I have been very much looking forward to making this list of the best Blindside songs because I hope that it helps get more eyes and ears on this band. Of all the bands that I follow and have really gotten into, I would venture to say that Blindside is the most underrated of them all. Maybe it is because they are from a… Read More

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Top 20 Best Blindside Songs – Editors Choice

To follow up my post on the Top 20 Blindside songs, here is a list of my personal favorite Blindside songs. Some of these songs are on that Top 20 list, some aren’t. When you get into a band, and really dive deep into their music, sometimes you favorite songs that maybe you didn’t like at first but after several listens you do. Similar… Read More