“New Horizons” by Flyleaf – The Song of the Week for 9/17/2012

First premiering on 89X Radio on August 1, 2012, “New Horizons” by Flyleaf is the official 1st single from the upcoming new album New Horizons Genre: Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Post-Grunge, Alternative Rock, Christian Metal Hugely popular within and beyond their genre in the mid 2000’s with the platinum selling debut album Flyleaf, the band returned with their 2nd album Memento Mori in 2009,… Read More

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Top 20 Blindside Songs

I have been very much looking forward to making this list of the best Blindside songs because I hope that it helps get more eyes and ears on this band. Of all the bands that I follow and have really gotten into, I would venture to say that Blindside is the most underrated of them all. Maybe it is because they are from a… Read More

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Top 20 Best Blindside Songs – Editors Choice

To follow up my post on the Top 20 Blindside songs, here is a list of my personal favorite Blindside songs. Some of these songs are on that Top 20 list, some aren’t. When you get into a band, and really dive deep into their music, sometimes you favorite songs that maybe you didn’t like at first but after several listens you do. Similar… Read More