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Blondfire ‘Waves’ – The Song of the Week for the 6/23/2014


“Waves” is the new single from Blondfire, released here in June 2014 as a single from their 2nd studio album Young Heart This single “Waves” was originally released from Blondfire’s 2011 Where the Kids Are EP but has been re-released as a single from their new studio album, the very solid Young Heart, released on

Kasabian ‘Eez-eh’ – The Song of the Week for 5/19/2014


Released June 2, 2014 via Columbia Records, “Ezz-eh” is the lead single off of 48:13, the 5th studio album by Kasabian English rockers Kasabian return with…a weird sounding name for a song and an equally strange album title…but what’s in a name? “Ezz-ehh” is fun and catchy and will surely garner some popularity. Comeback single

Nine Inch Nails debut video for “Came Back Haunted” the first single off upcoming album


Nine Inch Nails are back from hiatus and are readying a their 8th studio album Hesitation Marks, set for a September 3, 2013 release. “Came Back Haunted” is the official 1st single off the album and will surely by a comeback hit for the band! What are your thoughts on the new song? What are

The Neighbourhood ‘Sweater Weather’ – The Song of the Week for 3/11/2013


“Sweater Weather” is the first single off The Neighbourhood’s debut release I’m Sorry Genre: Indie Rock, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Melodic R&B The Neighbourhood is one of those bands that intentionally likes to fly under the radar. The band doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page! Blending many different types of genres together, this band has the talent