Silversun Pickups ‘Cannibal’ – The Song of the Week for 1/6/2014

Released on January 3, 2014 via Dangerbird Records, “Cannibal” is the first single off of The Singles Collection by Silversun Pickups Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Dream Pop Welcome to the first Song of the Week of 2014! This is actually the Silver Sun Pickups’ first SOTW nod, can you believe it? The band has only three albums in their discography but they are… Read More

MS MR ‘Think Of You’ – The Song of the Week for 9/2/2013

Released August 5, 2013 via Columbia Records, ‘Think of You’ is the 3rd single from the debut album Secondhand Rapture by MS MR Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Dream Pop MS MR. Still a little bit underground but poised for some mainstream success. They are now on their third single release from their debut album Secondhand Rapture, the prior 2 singles being released off… Read More

Tame Impala ‘Elephant’ – The Song of the Week for 8/26/2013

Released July 26, 2012 via Modular Recordings, “Elephant” is the lead single from Lonerism, the 2nd album by Tame Impala Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Dream Pop, Psychedelic Pop, Neo-psychedelia, Space Rock Pretty much every song chosen as a Song of the Week selection is brand new. Sometimes though, a song takes a while to pick up steam and get popular and then out of nowhere… Read More