Top 20 Best Songs of 2014

Welcome music lovers to MusicTrajectory’s Top 20 Best Songs of 2014. While no year-end list can be truly objective, I actually tried pretty hard to be with this list. I follow these genres of music closely – keeping an eye on the charts, radio airplay, Youtube video views, what the word is around the web, etc. I compiled and ranked these songs with the… Read More

Weezer ‘Back To The Shack’ – The Song of the Week for 10/27/2014

Released July 22, 2014 via Republic Records, “Back To The Shack” is the 1st single off of Everything Will be Alright In The End, the 9th studio album by Weezer Fan of the band since the Blue Album or casual fan here and there, I argue Everything Will Be Alright In The End is easily their best album since 1996’s alternative/emo classic Pinkerton. Everything… Read More