Top 20 Best Songs of 2014

Welcome music lovers to MusicTrajectory’s Top 20 Best Songs of 2014. While no year-end list can be truly objective, I actually tried pretty hard to be with this list. I follow these genres of music closely – keeping an eye on the charts, radio airplay, Youtube video views, what the word is around the web, etc. I compiled and ranked these songs with the… Read More

Magic! ‘Rude’ – The Song of the Week for 4/14/14

Released on October 11, 2013 via Sony Music Entertainment Records, “Rude” is the debut single by the Canadian reggae pop band Magic! Why in the world haven’t I featured this song yet? I hadn’t come across it yet, that’s why! Well better late than never 😉 Lead singer Nasri Atweh, I am coming to find out, is a well-known song writer and record producer… Read More