Top 20 Underrated Songs of 2014: Awesome Songs You May Have Missed During the Year

Welcome music lovers to Music Trajectory’s list of the top 20 underrated songs of 2014 in rock, alternative, and indie genres. This ranked list is sort of an unconventional year-end list. These songs aren’t necessarily the next best chunk of songs after the top 20 songs of the year. These songs never really had a chance to make it big and went largely unnoticed… Read More

AFI ‘A Deep Slow Panic’ – The Song of the Week for 7/28/2014

Released June 5, 2014 via Republic Records, “A Deep Slow Panic” is the 3rd single off of Burials, the 9th studio album by AFI I have been curious why it took so long to release this 3rd single off of Burials. Maybe the fan-made video contest slowed everything down? Pretty cool concept though and what a great feeling for Niko Aldrich to win the… Read More

Best 20 Songs of 2013 – Editor’s Choice

Music Trajectory threw out the rules for this list. Unlike my other 2013 year-end list, the Top 20 Best Songs of 2013, which was heavily influenced by how well songs did on the charts and popularity, this list is strictly Music Trajectory’s opinion on the best songs of 2013. There are several songs that can be seen on both lists of course but there… Read More