Song of the Week: Metal gods Judas Priest ‘Lightning Strikes’ the competition this week

Metal gods Judas Priest are back with new material and will drop their eighteenth album Firepower on March 9, 2018 via Epic Records.

This new song “Lightning Strikes” blew me away and IMO was the clear best new release of the week, although I think the new A Perfect Circle song “Disillusioned” is fantastic.

Firepower will be Priest’s first studio album since 2014 Redeemer of Souls which was Priest’s first career album to debut in the top 10 Billboard albums chart. Let’s see how this new album fairs.

Priest fans rejoice! What do you think of this new song “Lightning Strikes”? How does it stack up against singles in recent memory? And while we are on the topic, what are some of your all-time favorite Judas Priest songs?

A glimpse of the #Trajectory5 chosen this week

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Editor’s Choice: Best 20 Songs of 2017 + Honorable Mentions

I am a little late to the game on this topic but since it is a yearly post here on the site, it is better late than never!

As you know, I keep track of all new single releases week to week and catalogue the best 5-10 songs or so that are released in a particular week into a playlist. Since I am a big Spotify fan, I tend to make all playlists in that program. All the best songs of 2017 Spotify playlist can be brought up here.

There happen to be 392 songs in that playlist. But only 20 of those songs made my Editor’s Choice Best Songs of 2017 playlist. Another 20 are considered honorable mentions. These playlists can be viewed and listened to below.

If this is your first time to the site, welcome and stayed tuned for my Featured 5 and Song of the Week posts each week as well as the common Week In Review post.

Happy New Year.

P.S. What are your favorite tracks of the year?

Site update

I haven’t posted in awhile, I know.

I have been wondering if I should keep the site up or not. It doesn’t pay for itself yet and can be time consuming.

I’ve decided to keep going with the site in 2018 and then make a decision at the end of the year.

I will be posting the 2017 edition of the Top 20 Songs of the year. Stay tuned.

Much love and happy holidays.