Week of 9/25/2017 In Review

There were a lot of new releases this past week. Here is what caught my eyes and ears.

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Song of the Week: Previously unreleased Yeah Yeah Yeahs track “Shake It”

Coming right out with it: “Shake It” is not new material from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, unfortunately.

When I first heard the song, I thought the band was back together and this was a lead single from an upcoming new album. And even better, the song was reminiscent of their earlier work.

In reality, the song IS very reminiscent of their early work because it is a previously unreleased track from their classic debut album Fever To Tell which is getting a reissue which drops on October 20th. A digital unboxing of the deluxe remastered reissue can be viewed here.

“Shake It” is a good track but the band made the right decision leaving it off the album. Alas, it is a good reminder of how good the material was from the band in the early years.

Enjoy and pass it around to your friends! Purchase links below.

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Song of the Week: Lead single “Over and Over Again” by The Used from upcoming 7th studio album The Canyon

New music Friday was a great day for new music and the song that stood out the most to me was the new single “Over and Over Again” by The Used.

The song is the official lead single from their upcoming 7th studio album The Canyon, scheduled to drop on October 27th, 2017 via Hopeless Records.

Looking at the track list on Wikipedia, the album contains 17 tracks with a whopping 78:59 run time. I wonder if at any point the band considered this project to be a double album?

The album is the first to feature work by new guitarist Justin Shekoski who replaced founding guitarist Quinn Allman.

The Used also released a standout video for the song which can be seen below.

What was your pick for the best song released this week? Sound off in the comments section or tweet @musictrajectory

Catch the band on tour in the US with Glassjaw through November. A highly recommend live show!

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